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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kaiser Wilhelm II visit in the German colony - Haifa Palestine 1898

In 1898, Kaiser Wilhelm II (the last German Kaisers) and wife, Empress Augusta Victoria, visited the country of Israel.
The visit began when the Kaiser's ship docked at the Haifa seashore, adjacent to a special pier installed at the tip of the German Colony. From there, the Kaiser and his entourage climbed the Carmel, visited the new neighborhood and stopped at this particular point to observe the German Colony that stretched before them.
This same observation point later became a memorial pillar erected by the Templers in 1910 and surrounded by a public park, currently known as the "Kaisers Square," in which they performed their celebrations. From Haifa, the imperial couple continued on to Jerusalem, and had even met with Dr. Hertzel during the course of their visit. 
In 1982, Haifa was visited by the grandson of the German Kaiser and the site was renovated in his honor by the Haifa Municipality, who also incorporated an old Turkish canon that was taken from the Memorial Garden (opposite the City Hall).

A military honor guard for the Kaiser on Haifa shore near the German colony